Month: February 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Speed Dating

Speed dating is one of the rising phenomena in the world of dating. It helps you meet a lot of people, with the meeting lasting 3 to 8 minutes each. It is an organized way of meeting prospects. History Speed dating was developed by Rabbi Yaavoc Deyo of Aish Ha Torah, who created the idea for Jewish singles to find each other in large areas where the Jewish community is a minority. Aish Ha Torah even owns the word “SpeedDating,” although it is now used to generally refer to the concept. Other terms include 3-minute dating, hurry dating, fast...

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Eight Things Men Think But Don’t Tell You

So, you think got him all figured out, huh? After months of dining outs and movie dates, you guys are all cozy on the couch, beer at hand and watching the latest chick flick or beating each other in Xbox. Everything’s going smoothly and this might just be the real deal. But that are still some things he’s not telling you. It might be because he’s not as deep as you are in the relationship or it might just be his ego kicking him, preventing him to express himself fully. Whatever it is, here’s a heads up so you’ll...

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Fishing Lodges in Homer, Alaska

Well known as the Halibut Fishing Capital of the World, Homer, Alaska, also boasts world class salmon fishing. Homer, a popular outdoor adventure destination, is located on the Kenai Peninsula in the Kachemak Bay in south central Alaska. The seaside community offers a range of lodges and accommodation for vacationers with an emphasis on chartered fishing trips and wilderness experiences.Driftwood Inn In addition to lodge-style buildings, the Driftwood Inn offers hotel and motel rooms, and an RV park, all of which are within walking distance of downtown Homer. Chartered salmon, ling cod and halibut fishing trips are offered, as...

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