Everything You Need to Know About Speed Dating

Speed Dating

Speed dating is one of the rising phenomena in the world of dating. It helps you meet a lot of people, with the meeting lasting 3 to 8 minutes each. It is an organized way of meeting prospects.


Speed dating was developed by Rabbi Yaavoc Deyo of Aish Ha Torah, who created the idea for Jewish singles to find each other in large areas where the Jewish community is a minority. Aish Ha Torah even owns the word “SpeedDating,” although it is now used to generally refer to the concept. Other terms include 3-minute dating, hurry dating, fast dating, and 8-minute dating. The first event of this kind was held in Beverly Hills in 1998. It was further promoted when used in an episode in Sex and the City in 2000.

The best point about speed dating is that it is safe. It helps you meet prospects fast and broadens your social circle at the same time. One event may allow you to meet as many as 25 prospects. Some dating agencies organize 8 to 25 meeting numbers and find people who are in the same age range.

How It Works

Girls and guys, of equal number, are usually invited to a trendy bar, café, or lounge. Everyone is asked to introduce themselves using their first name alone, with each meeting lasting for 3 to 8 minutes. When the glass clinks or the bell rings, the males will move to the next table. You will be asked to choose which people you’d want to meet again. If those people reciprocated the feeling, you will be provided with contacts to each other.
You need to come to the event on time to avoid being thrown out. If you’re late, they will cancel your dating card right away.

How to Dress Up

You need to stand out during the event, but your outfit should match the venue. Good hygiene is necessary as well. You can wear a little perfume, but don’t make it too overpowering. Look as natural as you can. Be confident and be yourself.

Establishing First Impressions

You only need an average of 4 seconds to look at another person’s face, body, and clothes. People can decide whether to date you or night within a few minutes. The more positive the impression you have created on the other person, the harder that other person will work to establish a relationship with you, according to an Ohio University research. This is a self-fulfilling prediction that determines how much effort you invest in making a relationship work. If the other person doesn’t see a future with you, he or she will do everything to stop it from working.

To make a good first impression, here are some tips:
• Compliment the other person to win their attention and affection, but make sure to do it sincerely.
• Simplify your questions.
• Introduce yourself

To keep the conversation going, the following pointers should help:
• Keep the focus on the other person.
• Avoid shallow questions.
• Don’t interrogate or interview your date.
• Learn about their interests.
• Talk about siblings, movies, sports, movies, past holidays, and careers.
• Keep your eyes on the goal – to score a date.
• Boost their confidence.

Understanding Body Language

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One of the drawbacks of speed dating is that there are too many signals to analyze within such a short period of time. If you know how to read body language, you can distinguish those signals more easily.

A girl who’s interested will sit up straight from having her legs crossed. If she’s really interested, she will establish eye contact with the guy while tilting her head. She wants to be honest if she shows her palms or wrist. She runs her fingers through her hair if she’s sexually interested, or play with their necklace or necks. They also tend to stick their chests forward when they see an interesting guy.

A guy who’s interested will start touching his tie, playing with his hair, or rubbing his nose. He tends to open his lap if he’s interested. He might not be interested in the girl if he starts to fiddle or fidget, although this is also a sign of nervousness. He starts to hold his glass higher or at the same level as his chest if he feels defensive. He doesn’t want anything to do with the other person if he crosses his arms over his chest. A slumped position on his chair and his shifty eyes are not good signs either.

If you still want to give speed dating a try, look them up on dating agencies. You can even find them online these days and have fun with this new experience. click here for more